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SA-31SE Preamp / HP amp

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Discrete Preamp / Headphone amp
Applied Diamond Difference design
Power output 10,000 mW @ 40 ohm

What's new on the SA-31SE:
1, Boost the gain from 10DB (SA-31)  to 20DB (High gain model on SA-31SE), even with low output level sources ( like 1.5VRMS), still have enough gain and power for drive the HE6 and low sensitivity headphones.
2, For the high sensitivity headphone and preamp output model , we have redesign the new exponential volume control board built in 14 pcs relays (SA-31 only had 8 pcs), it have 100 steps and 100DB level control range, allow users  very fine to adjust the volume.
The below picture show the volume characteristic , green is with the SA-31, red is with the SA-31SE .

3, Redesign the control software, users can quite quickly continuous adjust the volume on front panel, from volume 0 to volume 50, only need around 5 seconds.
4, Built in OCC wires .

Fully  discrete Diamond Difference design , without any OPA and couple caps in the signal channels. High working voltage (+/-35VDC) class A design .
R-core transformers.  
More than 25,000uf audio grade NOVER capacitors are used to ensure ample and smooth power feed. 

 For larger power drive, the output stage applied two pair 15A / 150W Toshiba transistors , power output 10,000mW @ 40 ohm, no matter for most headphone in world. 
2 group class A dedicated PSUs are used to purify the power supply, the amp working at high idle class A model . 
Digitally controlled relay-based volume control to avoid channel imbalance and improve sound quality. SA-31 has 100 steps volume level control in both high gain mode and low gain mode. The total 200 step volume control ensures smooth control of the volume level.
5 Channel RCA inputs
Preamp output : 
  RCA * 3 
Headphone output : 4 pins XLR / 6.3MM SE (10W @ 40 ohm) 
 (The XLR  still single-ended output, just for who have balanced plugs headphone but use with the SA-31 )
Memorizes all settings and it could resume the last settings when power on.
Applied high end grade parts , like DALE resistors, EVOX caps (Germany) and  the Neutrik sockets

The SA-31 remote control common with other audio-gd DAC remote control, if customer already own the audio-gd brand DAC remote control and want the especial remote control for SA-31, please inform us while place the order.

Sound Characteristics:  
We describing its retains rich details and high clarity with its abundant music flavor with wide and deep sound stage .

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