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Превосходный DAC для Rock музыки завораживающее звучание. Новинка Сентябрь 2013!

Dedicated Discrete Diamond Difference design  DAC
NOS design applied up to 96K support
4pcs PCM1704UK (two-two parallel)

 It is close the PCM1704UK chips out of stock, so we design the NOS-1704 as the final version musical DAC built in PCM1704UK .
         The NOS-1704 had applied the NOS + Diamond Difference combo design which is had consider the best musical designs.
         Some years ago we have build different NOS DACs , TDA1541, TDA1543 sound too warm but lost detail .
         The NOS-1704 sound not very warm but  smooth , have not lose detail and reduce dynamic, the most important is it still have black background  .
         While you decide place the order please ensure the NOS DAC  characteristics.

75000.00 руб.

Fully balanced design built by discrete analog stages without any OPA and couple caps in the signal channels.
Non- feedback ACSS analog output stage .
Uses three R-core transformers (135W total) separate power supplys for the digital part , right channel and left channel.

120000.00 руб.

Fully  discrete Diamond Difference design , without any OPA and couple caps in the signal channels. 
High working voltage (+/-35VDC) class A design .

Uses 3 units R-core transformer .

Sound characteristic : Musical (coloration ) but detail , smooth but not too warm .

90000.00 руб.

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