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NFB-1.32 (Sabre)

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50000.00 руб.
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What's improved  in the NFB-1.32 from the NFB-1ES?
1, USB-32 built in, ultra low jitter re-clock ability can cooperate well with ES9018 without sound  drop off . 
2, Built in DIR module ,users  can choice the SPDIF signal feed to either ES9018 direct and through DIR module , which is simply for users choice different sound flavors .
3, All digital and analog signal circuits power supply by 5 groups class A parallel connection for the best sound reproduce.

Fully balanced design built by discrete analog stages without any OPA and couple caps in the signal channels.
Non- feedback ACSS analog output stage .
Uses  R-core transformer , more than 20,000uf audio grade NOVER capacitors are used to ensure ample and smooth power feed. 
A total of 5 groups class A parallel connection PSU power supply for all digital and analog circuits.
To achieve high S/N, the control circuit is powered with separate regulator. 
Uses most Hi-end grade parts and exact match transistors.

5 groups digital input : 
  coaxial *2 / Optical *2 / USB
DAC output : 
USB Audio Class 2 High-speed Input from Windows / MAC / Linux   
The USB supports High / full speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode up to 384K / 32Bit ability . 
Resolutions support 16 / 24 / 32 Bit with sampling rate support 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz (USB and coaxial input)

Feedback from users :

 Ed from USA:

         I just wanted to tell you about how the NFB-1.32 is performing.
         I have another Sabre Dac which I have owned for about 6 months, the Wadia 121.
         Even though the Wadia and NFB-1.32 are both Sabre Dacs they sound more different than alike. If someone would listen to the Wadia by itself it would be very hard to find a flaw. Everything in the Wadia is perfectly proportioned, nothing over exaggerated or out of place. 

         The Audio-gd NFB-1.32 is more youthful in its presentation of music, more lively and energetic. Frequency extension both top and bottom on the Audio-gd reach further. Soundstage is clearly better with the Audio-gd in terms of pronounced and clear placement of objects within the soundstage. The Wadia by comparison seems to blend the objects more [maybe due to its insane sample rate I don't know]. Bass on the Audio-gd reverberates and seems more visceral, everything seems a bit more alive. I feel that the soundstage really contributes to the better qualities of the Dac. The NFB-1.32 is an incredible bargain at half the price of the Wadia.

         One other thing I wanted to let you know. The USB32 is powered by the Dac and does not need the +5v from the USB cable to work. In my case I cut the +5v line in my USB cable, the results were a much smoother sound, more relaxed and clear. Removing the +5v is a benefit to the Dac. I am not sure the USB32 needs the +5v line active. Because the Dac powers the USB32 chip it does not need power for the source.

Tikov from Russia:

        Today I received 11.32 all safe! Honestly in shock, he plays just gorgeous, thank you very much. Compare your device with a bunch Schiit Bifrost+ Schiit Asgard of your implementation usb much better, more analog sound, the bass level amazing. For me, only one drawback, party plates in the music break. Definitely my next device will be your company.

JP from USA:

        Two days to deliver to Irvine, CA, USA. Damn, that was fast!!
        I won't know if the TCXO x2 is implemented, but I'll take it for granted that it is. I'm playing my first song right now-literally! I have lots of experimentation to do, but so far I have my 12 year old Marantz set to Source Direct and it sounds awesome. Usually, I use a 2.1 solution to offload the bass to the subwoofer. For now, I have it set to 2.0 and it seems pretty tight. Usually it's boomy and slightly muddy. I have new Monitor Audio RX6 fronts and usually it sounds much different and better with 2.1 versus 2.0. Not anymore!
         I'm awaiting delivery of a Parasound 2100 to complete my (legacy?) two channel system.
        On my first few minutes of impression I think the DAC makes my two fronts shine.
        Many minutes later, I absolutely love this DACs performance! Vanessa says it's the difference between black and white and color (the difference between the Marantz decoding and the 1.32 decoding). She loves the sound.
        We have now listened for an hour--this e-mail remained open and unsent. Congratulations! I don't feel like like I need the sub anymore for two-channel music. Amazing! These speakers sing on their own!

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